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The Different Types of Funerals in Australia

The choice of the type of funeral farewell, whether it is for a loved one or yourself, depends on a number of factors. This includes your personality, religious belief, location, and even your budget. It can be stressful thinking of planning a funeral for a loved one you just lost, a funeral service is still an important way to honour their memory. 

There are different types of funeral service sydney. Knowing these different options can be helpful in making the right choice, whether you are planning for yourself or a family member.

Modern Funerals In Sydney

Nowadays, most Australian families prefer a modern funeral service. It is replacing the traditional service that involves wearing all blacks and long and religious service. Some of the main attributes of these modern funeral services include:

  • Celebrations involving modern songs, multi-media tributes, and a service booklet featuring photographs
  • The selection of the service location depends on the interests, lifestyle, and/or social groups of the deceased
  • Activities such as the release of balloons, doves, or floral tributes
  • Traditional eulogy that can be poems or words of remembrance from family and friends

Religious Funerals

Australia has a multicultural society. Christian funerals are typically held in churches or cathedrals. Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, and Islamic funerals are also common and each one has its own set of guidelines that are observed related to the:

  • Timing of burial/cremation
  • Handling & treatment of the body
  • Location
  • Family involvement

Oftentimes, the lead is taken from family and community members to ensure the religious traditions are met. 

Graveside Service

Most types of funerals have a graveside service, but some prefer doing only a committal service. A graveside involves a brief committal service that is held at a crematorium or cemetery right after the funeral service.

  • The event is performed completely at the graveside
  • A graveside service is perfect for you if you seek privacy
  • It is suited for religious and spiritual wishes and belief

A graveside service can also be associated with family tradition.

Cultural Funerals

There are different traditions of burial and funeral in different cultures in Australia. You can plan a funeral based on the person’s cultural background. There are different cultural approaches to how the deceased are treated, but it is still important to avoid making assumptions about how someone from a certain culture will follow their traditional service. 

Some of the examples of usual traditions in different cultures are as follows:

  • In Māori funerals, the deceased is embalmed and is returned home for mourning before the burial.
  • In Chinese funerals, offerings are made and the wake can last for up to a week.

Burial at the Sea

A burial at sea involves everyone gathering for service on land before close family members join the coffin on a boat. The coffin in this case is usually a canvas shroud. The coffin is released along with wreaths of flowers. Burials at sea usually require permits and certain considerations. Some families also opt to scatter ashes in the sea.

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Life celebration services are also becoming popular in Australia. In this case, the cremation is followed by a gathering and a celebration/memorial service without the presence of the body. Usually, family and friends tell stories of the deceased and their memorable contributions whilst music is played. The elements of the service depend upon family preferences, culture, and budget. Whether you prefer lavish or cheap funerals sydney, it is best to pay proper tributes to the deceased. For further information you can contact us through this form or give us a call at 02 9002 7344