All About Cremation in Sydney

All About Cremation in Sydney

Most people are unfamiliar with the process of cremation and are intimidated by it. At Heaven’s Own Funeral Service, we aim to help family members and loved ones through the process. Here are some facts you need to know about the cremations Sydney process:

Arranging A Cremation

You can contact the crematorium directly or go through a funeral home. The crematorium will arrange everything from helping with the transport of the body to handing over the ashes. You can find the crematorium’s number online and explain your requirements to them.

If you need further arrangements to be made, contact a funeral director. They can help with things like wakes, memorial services, burials, etc. Someone at the funeral home or the crematorium will explain the process and help you though the planning.

Cremation Costs

Cremation costs can vary based on the location, type of ceremony, and any additional services. Basic cremation costs are around $4,000 and they include everything needed to have a full cremation.

However, the cost can reach as much as $15,000 if it includes things like memorials, caskets, burials, etc. The crematorium or funeral house will provide a detailed estimate of all expenses involved upon request. You can decide what you want and where you can make changes if required

Cremation Only Sydney

There are many funeral homes that provide cremation-only services. This means there are no frills attached. The body is transported to the crematorium, cleaned up and prepared, and then cremated. The ashes are then provided to the family members in a simple urn. This package doesn’t include any memorial service, wake, visitation, or other such services.

Cremation Packages

Cremation packages are designed specifically for cremations. They include everything you might need like transport, casket purchase, embalming, the plot for burying the ashes, memorial services, etc. Most funeral homes offer a wide range of pre and post cremation services to help the family members go through grief. Cremation packages are tailored to ensure families don’t have to invest too much energy into decision-making during the grieving period.

We offer a Gold cremation package that includes transport, hygienic preparation, consultation, coffin, floral arrangements, hearse, personalised memorial cards and thank you cards, and several other such services.

If you want to know more about crematoriums Sydney, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Heaven’s Own Funeral Service. You can call 02 9002 7344 or contact us through this form.


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