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What Is Bare Cremation?

While most families hire funeral directors Sydney to organize a funeral after the loss of one of their members, you can even have someone cremated without arranging the funeral beforehand. Referred to as direct cremation or bare cremation, where you don’t hold the ceremony. Most of the funeral directors bring you the provision of a direct cremation. Compared to other providers, you would have better value for your money. 

Hiring a reputed funeral director for bare cremation Sydney, you can organize the event properly. The professionals would carry out all the formalities and supply the coffin. Besides, they would set an appointment at a crematorium, and take the responsibility of returning the ashes.

What you need to know about bare cremation

A bare cremation is a process where the family of the deceased does not hold a funeral before cremating the body. These ceremonies are also referred to as ‘cremation without ceremony’, ‘no service, no attendance’, ‘unattended cremation’, or ‘cremation only funeral’. The cremation directors come up with a hassle-free alternative to the traditional process of funeral, but it involves a formal service. So, if a family decides to have a bare cremation, the relatives and friends would have the provision of organizing a different memorial service later on after the ashes return.

Working with a reputed funeral director, you would be at ease while organizing the event. You can choose from different packages of direct cremation packages. So, only the close family members of the deceased can attend the cremation. Besides, you might also organize a simple service led by your family in the crematorium chapel.

Why you should hire a bare cremation director?

When you plan a bare cremation, it’s imperative to have experienced professionals or cremation directors on your side. The last thing you would want is to commit a mistake while organizing the event. So, it makes sense to hire a reputed cremation director who would help you organize the event at an affordable cost. When you choose the service providers, make sure to carry out research to find the right one. You can put forward certain questions before them to understand how good their services would suit you.

For instance, you might want to know whether or not the family members can attend the crematorium. Besides, the family must ask the name of the crematorium where they would take the deceased for cremation. Also, enquire where the professionals would take care of the deceased, along with the associated facilities available before cremating.

How to choose the right cremation director?

In the first place, you need to look for affordable services. Check different websites for quotes, prices, testimonials, and reviews. Also, review the offerings and check out what they provide, and what not. Make sure to get a transparent breakup for the price. A genuine company wouldn’t include any third-party costs.

It would be ideal to find one of the cremation directors near your home. Ideally, they should be located within a radius of 10 to 15 Kms. In case they are located far off, you need to shell out additional charges. When you work with a local service provider, they would visit your home to plan the process. This would ease up the task significantly on your end.