Crematoriums in Sydney

Crematoriums in Sydney

An increasing number of people have started choosing cremation over traditional burials. Different people have different reasons for this. Some want to save money while others prefer cremation as it is a more eco-friendly alternative.

At Heaven’s Own Funeral Service, we make sure the family members involved in the funeral planning process are able to make an informed decision. That’s why we take the time to ensure they understand what happens in crematoriums Sydney. Here’s a look at what to expect:

Transfer And Paperwork

Before the body can be cremated, the crematorium must obtain permission from the local authorities and get the required documentation. We preserve the body until the paperwork goes through and we have all the required permits.

Preparing The Body

The process of preparing the body depends on two factors; whether the body is to be cremated immediately or later. If the body is to be cremated at that point, we don’t embalm it. The preparation process only involves removing any therapeutic devices like pacemakers because they can explode in the chamber.

If the family wants to hold a funeral or wake and wants it to be an open casket service, the body can be embalmed to delay decomposition.  The body can then be cremated after the funeral service at any one of the crematoriums Sydney.

The Cremation

The body is placed inside a wooden coffin and then inside the cremation chamber. It takes several hours for the process to be completed. At the end of it, only a few skeletal remains are left.

Pulverising The Remains

The remains are allowed to cool down and then are placed inside a device called a cremulator. This grinds the remains down into a fine powder that we refer to as ashes. The ashes are placed inside an urn and returned to the family members. They can choose to scatter the ashes, bury the urn, or even place the urn in their home.

The entire process can be completed within a day and people can take the ashes with them on the same day. Crematoriums in Sydney help the grieving family plan the entire process and explain their options carefully. You can choose cremation services based on your personal preferences and budget. These as be very affordable and simple or elaborate and expensive.

If you want to know more about crematoriums Sydney, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Heaven’s Own Funeral Service. You can call 02 9002 7344 or contact us through this form.

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