How Are Cremations Sydney Organised?

Today, cremation has become the preferred option over burials for many people. The former is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to dispose of the body of the deceased. Many people that pre-plan their funeral opt for cremation rather than a burial.

We at Heaven’s Own Funeral Service provide customised cremation and burial options. Our funeral director makes sure that clients have a clear idea about what is involved in these services. Many people are curious about the process followed in cremations Sydney.  As mentioned, when clients ask us about a low-cost funeral option, we do recommend cremations as these are very cost-effective compared to a standard burial.

The Cremation Process

Here is some information that will help you understand what process we follow during a cremation:

  • One of the first things that you would need is all the paperwork and transfer papers. This has to be taken care of before the body is cremated. The crematorium would need all of the necessary documents & written permission from local authorities. The funeral home will preserve the body until the approval comes through and all the necessary forms have been obtained.
  • Preparing the body is the next step, and this would depend on two distinct aspects- whether the cremation is taking place right away or at a later date. No embalming is required if the cremation is to be carried out immediately. However, specific preparatory steps need to be followed, such as the removal of therapeutic devices or any digital devices that the decedent was wearing. These devices need to be removed as they can explode inside the cremation chamber if they are left on the body.
  • If the family has decided that the cremation has to be conducted at a later point, they might want an open casket service or even a wake. In this case, the body will be embalmed to make sure that it does not decompose quickly. The cremation can take place after the funeral service at a crematorium Sydney. 
  • Once the body preparation has been completed, it will be placed inside a wooden or cardboard coffin and will be moved into the cremation chamber. The process takes at least a few hours after which some skeletal remains are left behind. 
  • These remains would be allowed to cool after which they are placed in a cremulator which grinds them into a fine powder (ashes). Family members will be handed over the ashes, and they can decide whether they want to scatter or bury them. You also have the option of carrying the ashes to your home in an urn and placing them in a special spot.

The cremation process is completed on the day that you bring the body to the funeral home, and you also get to take the ashes the very same day. If you want to know more about crematoriums Sydney, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Heaven’s Own Funeral Service. You can call 02 9002 7344 or contact us through this form.