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Cremation- The Low Cost Funeral Option

When grieving the loss of a loved one, you want to be free of any additional stress. We at Heavens Own Funeral Service know it well, and that is why we offer a low cost funeral service. We genuinely feel that it is important to provide peace of mind to you and your family during this difficult period.

So, when you need to arrange a funeral for your loved one, the professional team at Heaven’s Own Funeral Service is ready to serve you. We provide low cost funeral services covering various locations in Sydney area.

Our trusted team helps organise funeral arrangements to suit your expectations and the budget. Among the diffrent funeral options we offer, cremation is a low cost funeral option. Though we provide a touching send-off, we do not attach a hefty price tag to it.  This sets us apart from other funeral service providers in the region.

Heaven’s Own Wants To Help You

Our team wants to stand with you when you need us the most. While planning a proper send-off to your loved one, you want everything to be simple and clear. We assure our customers that they will get reliable and objective advice from us with no hidden costs. Some families need to keep the funeral costs low, and our low cost funeral option suits their requirements perfectly.

Seeking a low cost option does not mean that you love the departed person less. Most families have to set a budget due to financial constraints. We have the expertise to provide a loving, dignified and graceful farewell for your loved ones within your budget. We feel rewarded when you go home after the funeral feeling happy that you have done your best for the departed soul.

A Dignified Low Cost Funeral Option

Funerals are often expensive. However, cremation is a funeral option that offers a quality farewell minus a big budget. People see cremation as less costly than a burial. Different funerals have different requirements. For example, a burial means buying a gravesite which in itself is an expensive proposition and can create financial strain when money should be the last thing on your mind.

We believe in arranging a dignified funeral at a lower cost and find that cremation is increasingly preferred as a funeral option. The remains of a loved one can be scattered keeping in view their wishes in view. People now realise that funerals do not need to be expensive. The Heaven’s Own team members have mastered the process of planning and arranging the best and befitting funeral services at very cost-effective pricing.

Today many families choose us for the quality and integrity of our services, to arrange low cost funerals for their loved one. If you want to know more about our services, you can contact us using this Web Form. On the other hand, if you prefer to speak with us- you can call the Heavens Own funeral experts at this number- 02 9002 7344 and explain your requirement in detail.