Understanding What Memorial Cards Are

Memorial cards are also commonly called funeral cards and are given as a symbol to pay homage to a loved one’s life. They are handed out as personalised mementos at funerals, memorial services or even celebration of life ceremonies.

An order of service or funeral programme includes the details and schedule of the funeral service. However, a memorial card is more of a keepsake to keep the memory of your loved one alive. The funeral director at Heaven’s Own can assist you with the personalisation, printing, and distribution of memorial cards.

Types Of Memorial Cards

A funeral card or a memorial card is a double-sided card which typically has a verse, prayer or even a photo of the departed included. These cards are distributed at memorial or church services, viewings & wakes.

You also have the option of getting a wallet memorial card made, which can be carried easily wherever you go. This is no bigger than a credit card and has a photo or the name of the departed, their favourite poem, or even a quote.

A Few Ways to Personalise A Memorial Card

Many people consider personalising memorial cards according to the deceased’s career, tradition, favourite pastime, or even things that meant the most to them. Sometimes families add sayings or quotes or even song lyrics that are a reflection of what the person meant to them.  Simply put, a memorial card something that reflects their life philosophy.

People even make funeral card bookmarks as a unique type of memorial card.

Many funeral homes also offer you the option of getting the memorial cards laminated, or adding some creative accessory to them. For instance, you can attach rosary beads to the memorial card to hand out as gifts to mourners. This way, they can hold onto something in the memory of the departed.

Wording For the Memorial Card

The following details can be included in a memorial card:

  • The person’s name
  • The date of birth & date of death
  • Favourite quote, bible verse, short poem or lyrics of your loved one
  • A photo for people to remember them by.

Some additional details you can include are..

  • Plot number of the cemetery where they were buried for later refernce for visitation
  • Names of parents or spouse who preceded them
  • A personal sentiment from the family

There might be a lot of information that you’d like to include. However, it’s best to keep the information on the memorial cards short & simple. The funeral director might help you choose the wording. It is also crucial to opt for an easy-to-read font. A memorial phrase is used on funeral cards:

  • In loving memory
  • Miss you
  • Rest in peace
  • Treasured memories of…

Acknowledgement cards are handed out to let everyone know how much their condolences mean to your family. The messages on these acknowledgement cards are more personal.

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